Kuba’97 (Horst, nacht)

Currently located in Brussels (BE)

Ever in search for the trance dance experience. Kuba’97 turns crowds into tribes with deep hypnotic sounds. Energy flowing in and out of bodies. Frequencies encouraging for introspection and a sense of togetherness on the floor.
The trance dance experience is characterised by the sounds of contemporary psychedelia and ‘90 tribalistic techno. Never-ending spiralling grooves, sided by dreamlike shamanistic chimes.


Passionate about the development and importance of a cities nightlife, Kuba’97 is heavily involved in Horst, nacht, Stelplaats and Habitat. Kuba’97 doesn’t only hang around at parites and dj booths, you can also find him behind the stove, cooking up non-musical goodness and writing up articles for Not So Difficult magazine.