Lion’s Drums “KAGABAS” – 12.02.2021

Kagabas is the name of the indigenous people of the Sierra Nevada mountain of Santa Marta in Colombia and is also the name of the new album by Lion’s Drums, an audio project and album comprising of new compositions based on field recordings of original songs the Kagabas people sing to wild animals and the nature they habitat.  After being welcomed to spend a week within their community Harold Boué took his recording to his studio in Marseille. The outcome is a work deeply respectful of the traditions of the Kagabas, which aims to compliment their core belief as ‘Guardians of the Earth’. The album is approved by the Máma of the village (Mámas are spiritual and intellectual guides that keep the memory of the civilisation) and 100% of the revenues made from the project will be donated to Colombian charity Fundación Nativa , who are dedicated to overcoming the environmental challenges. Nativa organisation supports the Kagabas people by replanting trees and by buying back land.

Vinyl is produced by using 100% recycled materials.


Alouatta (hembra)” by Why People Dance

Water by Les Yeux Orange


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By Kalporz:

“An exotic divination, the Kagabas album seamlessly connects modernity with a universal paean and the ache from traditions of an age-old community. Neither an exercise in library ethnography nor an electronic album, Boué and his hosts create an often-otherworldly sonic and rhythmic navigation through a dense, lush environment at the world’s edge. The message however is a precarious one in which climatic change and the creeping invasion of industrialism infringes upon the survival of these indigenous communities. Hopefully projects like this can highlight the cause and stop the rot, whilst lighting the way for more inventive and progressive creative ventures, soundtracks.”

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