Lion’s Drums

Currently based in Marseille (FR)


Harold Boué, aka Lion’s Drums and Abstraxion, is a French producer based in Marseille.


The desire to explore different musical territories to his Abstraxion alias led to Lion’s Drums’s birth.  As a tribute to his city, Marseille, Lion’s Drums creates music with its characteristics in mind: a bit rough though luminous and influenced by elements of the Mediterranean, African, and Northern European cultures.  This translates into heavily percussive sounds, italo-disco grooves, tribal house and voodoo-techno.


Lion’s Drums released a first EP on John Talabot’s Hivern Discs, made a psychedelic acid remix of “Goca Dunya” (Altin Gün), and in 2021 released his first album “Kagabas”.


“Kagabas” is an audio project comprising new compositions based on field recordings of original songs the Kagabas people sing to wild animals and their habitat.


A second artist album, “La Batterie”, got released on Berlin-based Cocktail d’Amore (2022).  Lion’s Drums nailed it with his edits for Sandy B’s classics “Student Nights” & “Amajovi Jovi”.


Harold also runs Biologic Records with partner in crime DC Salas.