Kim Kenis

Currently based in Brussels (BE)


Natural consequence is a key phrase for Brussels-born DJ Kim Kenis.  Raised by a drummer, it’s no coincidence that she easily stays in time as she strings together gems from along the genre spectrum. Known and loved as someone who pretty much can’t stop dancing once she starts, it was only a matter of time before she channeled this endurance behind the decks.  Whether sending stargazers into the ether with her ambient selections or getting hearts and bass thumping on the dancefloor with her minimalistic techno sets, Kim brings a bewitching tenderness to her DJ-ing that quickly caught the attention of the Belgian scene.


With the tenacity of a historian deep in an archive, she’s had a near-prolific output of thoughtful, studied radio mixes since 2019 (Refuge Worldwide FM, WAV, Radio Sofa) and an interesting club & festival schedule (Waking Life, Horst Arts & Music, Paradise City, Listen! Festival, Funke, …).


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