Kuba 〚BE〛

Kuba has been digging from an early stage through lots of different styles and tempos. He does not want to describe his sound in genres, but tends to think more about what kind of atmosphere he wants to convey to the audience. Throughout his sets you’ll hear 90’s tracks stitched together with more contemporary sounds. Depending on the slot he’ll go from a subtle and intriguing ambience to heavy-hitting breaks and thrilling basslines.


21/03 – 24U STELPLAATS
31/01 – oudjaarsnacht m/ Betonkust
16/11 – nacht met Bruce
13/10 – Jatkot Stidilässä (Helsinki)
09/08 – CLUB KIOSK w/ LONE + LNS
29/05 – STUK Eindfeest w/ Tasker + re:ni
03/05 – Horst Showcase – Kiosk Radio
15/03 – nacht met J:Kenzo + nasa + Kryptico Dj’s
31/12 – OudjaarNACHT met Kiani & Legion
29/11 – Ident.t w/ Dorian Gray (It)
02/11 – nacht met Giraffi Dog