Gay Haze dj’s Fais Le Beau & Vieira


Fais Le Beau & Vieira are also known as Gay Haze dj’s when playing together.
Both of them combined, their synergy creates euphoria and immediately raises the temperature on the dancefloor.
Going from early progressive house to trance, new beat and anything in between, they always bring in a sexy mood.
If not playing at their monthly residence in Brussels’ Gay Haze party, you will find them
at queer parties around Europe, such as Maximum Joy (Berlin), Discosodoma (London), Is Burning (Amsterdam) & BP-Chlamydia dell’arte (Paris) , Gloria Macadam (Nantes) to name just a few. They also play at festivals like the Horst Festival and the Whole United Queer Festival.
Their monthly show on the Kiosk web radio gives you a taste of what to expect