Far Out Radio Systems

Currently based in Genk (BE)



Far Out Radio Systems is the intriguing alias of Belgian scientist- musician Thomas Neyens. On one side Professor in Statistics (UHasselt & KU Leuven) with an interest within the fields of spatial statistics and ecology. On the other hand music producer with a passion for West Coast Synthesis leading to a musical output typified by minimal aesthetics and quirky melodies. There’s without doubt a certain analogy between these both worlds.


With a first few EP’s out on his own Tanzbar Records & Curle Recordings, Thomas disconnected from the urge to serve DJ’s and a dance floor and gained confidence to make exactly the music that he always wanted to make, away from any prior expectations. This led to the debut album “On Boolean Plains”, released in 2020 on Dutch imprint Something Happening Somewhere. It’s pure, deep, and raw. The album crosses from ambient and IDM to distorted acid house and techno. Edgy electronic dance music about a world in distress. Along with the album came a full analog live performance which was premiered at theiconic Horst Arts & Music Festival (Belgium) 2021.