Discrete Circuit

Currently based in Berlin (DE)


Discrete Circuit (aka Andreas Horn) has established himself as an integral part of Berlin’s electronic music scene with a mixture of intuitive drive and confident consistency.  Running the internationally acclaimed party series AWAY and the label of the same name, also as a DJ and producer, he always has the energetic aura of the dance floor in mind.  Discrete Circuit embodies an uncompromising techno sound shaped by the creative vibrancy of Berlin, the soul of Detroit, and UK’s dark aesthetics.


In 2015, DVS1 released Discrete Circuit’s very first track “Incursion” on his sub-label Mistress Recordings that became a big room anthem.  Impressed by the Chicago-infused techno weapons, Delsin Records released his first full EP “Machine Code” that was followed by the “Redial EP” for Mark Broom’s label Beard Man and one contribution for Darko Esser’s Wolfskuil Records.


While incrementally exploring the Discrete Circuit sound, he established the 2012-founded AWAY party as a quality brand, hosted in Berlin’s //about:blank club and various showcases across Europe .  The eponymous label AWAY Music is the natural extension of the party’s vibe and musical spectrum; from house and techno to electronica to even special recording projects like the album release from the Mulholland Free Clinic or the recent reissues from Move D & Pete Namlook.


Discrete Circuit and Christian Vance (H4L) started the Astray imprint in 2017.  Andreas’  first three EP’s impressively document the progress he made evolving his own language; whether it’s the gloomy techno funk with shape-shifting soundscapes allowing more experimental tones (“Road Force EP”), the nostalgic Detroit tracks (“Observer EP”), the straightforward techno bangers (“Control Zero EP”) or collaborations with like-minded artists (for ex Mark Broom and Blind Observatory).


Whether it’s throwing parties, running two labels, DJing, or production, Discrete Circuit follows his own path, driven by an open-minded vision that embodies his promising future.