Azo · Mix

Currently based in Brussels (BE)


Azo isa DJ /producer who has consistently found new ways to strike a balance between a rich myriad of influences, who for some time now has been wowing audiences with her excellent radio shows and dazzling productions. To get an initial measure of her wide reaching audial identity, we can first look to her radio shows, which showcase a number of themes that point to varying features found within her own productions, with the vibes ranging from Electro, Techno, House and expressive melodic flavours associated with the Rave.
Each show is filled to the brim with hard hitting bass lines, expertly crafted drumming patterns and considered, beautifully written melodic lines. Each show has a particular theme associated with it, driving a fine line between the aforementioned genres with one highlighted as an anchoring genre of sorts, with Azo looking to blend thematic elements from other sources into the mix as the pulse flows onwards. As a result, the path we are taken on is always memorable, weaving and dipping between emotional peaks and rhythmically powerful valleys, the force of which is palatable to even the deepest recesses of the sub conscious.
Some select mixes to check out of hers include the deeply energetic Rinse Show from June 29th, the wickedly devious and driving Goute Mes Mix, the trippy and varied Moskalus show from May last year, and the rhythmically exquisite art:cast 121 mix, which landed towards the end of last year. No matter what flavour or mood you want your electronic music in, Azo has you covered, and this notion has translated very well indeed into her production work.


Azo has been making music for some time now, with her early productions pointing more so to the bass laden vocal house tunes that were very much in vogue around the turn of the 90s, with her take on the style beautifully produced and impeccably melodic. Over time her sound has evolved two fold, maintaining the excellence in melodies with a new set of perameters that covered genres such as Electro, Techno, Deep House and so much that persists inbetween those movements, and as we flow from one release to the next there’s a real sense of forward thinkingness going on.

Her music perfectly matches the intensity of her DJ sets, the flows of energies and influences coming to the fore when she puts together an EP, with passion rising to the forefront with everything she does.
By K.B. for Endless Grooves 


AZO – SPACE TOURISM EP (Biologic records)

Space… The final wasteland for the rich and entitled. A playground for the opulent. A fantasy for the 99.9 percent. A constant source of inspiration for artists. Artists like AZO.

Making her debut on Biologic Records, complete with a remix from Steffi, here we find the talented Belgian artist strapping up her rocket boosters for a four-track trip into infinity. It takes in influences from dark matter to Detroit, black holes to Brussels.

‘Aurora Space Station’ is a beautiful rave-inspired breakbeat floatation piece that sets the scene, poking fun at the mega-rich who can afford to seriously entertain the idea of leaving this planet for dust. More thrust is added by the deep space electro of Steffi’s thumping remix. Both have more power than all the fossil fuel Bezos and Branson have burnt in the last 10 years.

Deeper into the cosmos we probe…. ‘Neptunian Sea’ takes off from Chicago, fuelled on an intoxicating combo of acid and Italo. ‘Love Bus’ brings the anti-gravity heat with a heavy, hip-writhing nod to the jazz spirit of UR’s Galaxy 2 Galaxy movements.

We might not be able to afford a holiday in space, but we can afford great art like this. The dancefloor has always been the most effective place for teleportation. Ready for take off?