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Currently based in Brussels (BE)


Azo is a DJ /producer who has consistently found new ways to strike a balance between a rich myriad of influences.  For some time now, she has been wowing audiences in clubs and festivals and putting dazzling productions forward.


To get an initial measure of her wide-reaching audial identity, we can look at her radio shows, which showcase a number of themes that point to varying features found within her productions: Vibes ranging from Electro to Techno, Trance and expressive melodic flavours associated with Rave.  No matter what flavour or mood you want your electronic music in, Azo has got you covered, and this notion has translated very well into her production work.


Azo has been making music for some time, with her early productions pointing more toward bass-laden vocal house tunes.  Over time her sound has evolved twofold: maintaining the excellence in melodies with a new set of perimeters that cover multiple genres and so much that persists in-between those movements, and as we flow from one release to the next, there’s a real sense of forward-thinking going on.

Her music perfectly matches the intensity of her DJ sets, the flows of energies and influences coming to the fore when she puts together an EP, with passion rising to the forefront with everything she does.


By K.B. for Endless Grooves



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