Currently based in Marseille (FR)


Harold Boué aka Abstraxion and Lion’s Drums, is a French producer based in Marseille.


Abstraxion’s musical spectrum crosses many boundaries and showcase a fusion of different genres and influences; from Italo-disco and EBM to early trance & rave to synth wave.  This melt pot of influences make Abstraxion a unique artist to be witnessed behind the decks.  Body-moving grooves and high energy levels resulting in a dance floor filled with smiling faces.


While using a modular GRP A4 for his live-shows, Abstraxion gives a modern interpretation to the euphorically 80’s and 90’s with a warm and dance floor approach.


While being significantly engaged in the Marseille underground scene with projects such as the Mouillette queer parties, Encore Encore Festival and Laboratoire des Possible, Abstraxion finished his next artist album for release on Dischi Autunno June 2023.


Harold also runs Biologic Records with partner in crime DC Salas.